The technician arrived at the service call ten minutes early for the 9 AM appointment. He rang the bell. No answer. He went back to his truck to wait, and saw someone peak through the blinds. He called the customer, who answered, and said he needed 15 more minutes. The technician went to get a taco, came back, rang the bell. No answer. He went back to the truck, and again saw someone peep through the blinds. The technician called the customer, who instructed him to go ahead and start his clock but he needed 20 more minutes.

The technician waited. Just a little after 9:30 the customer opened the door and let him into a dark house. They went to the kitchen, where a microwave was to be assembled and installed. The job had clearly already been started. The technician surveyed the appliance and the space. He noticed a part was missing, and asked for it. The owner went to a dark room and brought it to him. Shortly thereafter, another part was missing. This time the owner went to a different room to get the missing part. This happened a third time, from a third room.

The job took less than 30 minutes. The lights were never turned on. The customer paid, and gave him a $20 tip.