Expert Services Austin, TXImagine, every time something breaks, or when you need something done quickly, or when you have an exciting idea, that you could just make a call and it’s taken care of. No thumbing through old business cards and no endless web surfing required; just call the folks you know, and they send out the same friendly, professional handy tech to take care of your job. Sometimes, the very same day!

There’s already thousands of people in the greater Austin area experiencing this level of service—consistently—year in and year out. Who are these lucky people? They are the customers at Expert Service, Inc. And you can be one too!

At Expert Service, every customer is our only customer. Your business is what we excites us and what we come to the office for, every day. We don’t like scrounging around for new customers any more than you like rooting about for a contractor or handyman you can trust every time you have a project. That’s why we work to keep every customer we have. And that’s why we’ve fashioned our entire business around our three core values:

  1. Service
  2. Craft
  3. Partnership.

At Expert Service, our name is what we do. We provide expertise, and we are dedicated to service.

And just like in the old days, we also believe in craft. We believe people still want good quality work—craftsmanship they can count on, be proud of, and even brag about. We care about our work.

And perhaps most importantly, we’re your partners in the care of your building. Whether a downtown high rise or a country shack, we work with you—as your partner—in keeping your building up to snuff. As your partner, we are working for the short and long term mutual benefit of both parties—you, the customer, and us, Expert Service.

What do we do and how do we do it? Here’s how we handle your project.

  1. You call with the question, problem or project idea.
  2. We “get our arms around it” by asking questions and seeing the work.
  3. We tell you, in writing, what we can do and how much it would cost.
  4. You hire us.
  5. We do the work (we say what we’ll do, and we do what we said).

What you get when you hire Expert Service.

  1. One year warranty
  2. Qualified, dedicated staff front to back and top to bottom
  3. The whole company (not just some guy who never calls you back after the first job)
  4. Our dedication to the health and wellbeing of you and your building
  5. A long term relationship (we’re really in the relationship business—our medium is construction)

What you don’t get when you hire Expert Service.

  1. Con men
  2. Missed appointments and other acts of disrespect
  3. “Handyman” who can’t get steady work or who’s between “real jobs”
  4. Excuses
  5. One-hit-wonders. We’re in this relationship for the long haul.

Here’s how to get started

  1. The better organized you are, the better we can serve
    1. Make a list
    2. Take pictures
    3. Think about what you want in a contractor
    4. Call us, or drop us an email
    5. Let’s discuss the project
    6. We’ll agree on a budget, timeline and terms of the deal
    7. We’re ready to start when you are

Give us a call. We’d love to be your handyman company—now and for the foreseeable future.