About Us

Our technicians have the skills to get the job done. Our office assistant is warm and friendly. The owner talks to you personally. We are proud of our team and the work we do.

Paul Carapetyan has been improving and repairing buildings since the mid ’70s when he paid his way through college. There’s not much Paul has not seen. Residential, commercial, special projects, from small and pesky to big and grandiose, he’s handled just about every kind of home repair and remodel. What’s his primary focus? “I’m a service junkie. Anyone can buy and install something. It takes someone special to provide first class service doing this work, consistently and proudly. All day every day.

“First class service from a first class guy. You can trust that Paul and his staff will do a great job and stand behind their work product every time.”

Dan Brooks is a door specialist. He’s repaired just about every kind of door, troubleshot just about every situation and saved just about any kind of door that others had long ago written off. Dan knows doors and finish work like a preacher knows his scripture. And he’s that religious about it. Dan regularly receives top accolades for his dedication to quality and his penchant for making the customer happy.

“Thanks for sending him…he did a fantastic job”

“Dan was a PEACH.”

“He cleaned up after himself, he was courteous and he was awesome.”

Josh Laird is our utility man. Josh is willing, cheerful and capable. He’s a carpenter, painter, drywall finisher, tile setter, roofer, and all purpose fixit fellow. Josh is a  transplant from California and has quickly made a name for himself with our many repeat customers. He cares about his work, he’s talented, and he’s professional.

“Josh did a fine job on a host of matters, including being pleasant and polite.”

“Service was great; I was really impressed with how quick and smooth everything went. Josh was very professionally and did an exceptional job.”

Rocky Watts has lived and worked in greater Austin for over 20 years. Rocky takes a job from the beginning to the end, exhibiting talent across all fields. He diagnoses problems, prescribes solutions and executes first class work. He knows the only good customer is a happy one, and he devotes his many talents to that end, job upon job. He doesn’t stop until it looks right and works right.

“Rocky’s work was superb. We’d be happy to have him back.”