Love and Ductwork

I spoke with a longstanding customer today who asked for a price on some ductwork and possible radiant barrier, plus attic insulation. I said I recall maybe we had discussed this earlier and that I had forgotten. Oh that’s okay, he said, you were getting married and you’re in love and all that. I thanked him for making excuses for me. Deeper into the conversation the tables turned and it was my opportunity to make an excuse for him. I mentioned well you know it’s okay cause you’re in love and all that, aren’t you? Yep, he said, confidently and emphatically. Sure am. 30 years this year.

I love my job. I love the opportunity to get involved in my customers’ personal lives–at least in the areas that mean so much. How many people, in their work, get to hear a man profess his love for his wife in the middle of a chat about ductwork and insulation?

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