Changing Light Bulbs

How many people does it take to change a light bulb at Expert Service? We do a lot of maintenance for national retail chains. Each of those chains has contracts with national companies — service aggregators — who promise to take care of all their needs. When a light bulb starts flickering, the process starts. […]


A new prospect named Janet called in.  Hello I have a project in mind and I have a few questions. Fire away. Well I’ve purchased a house and I want to get some things done such as flooring and a fence and a few minor things. Is that the kind of work you do? Yes […]

Love and Ductwork

I spoke with a longstanding customer today who asked for a price on some ductwork and possible radiant barrier, plus attic insulation. I said I recall maybe we had discussed this earlier and that I had forgotten. Oh that’s okay, he said, you were getting married and you’re in love and all that. I thanked […]


Every morning, very early, everyone who works for me secretly meets to discuss how they can ruin my day. I don’t know when or where this happens, but I know it does. Here’s how it unfolds. On Thursday or Friday of every week I alert my customers of what they can expect in the coming […]


This month I fired two customers. Usually there’s about one a year but for some reason it’s been a heavy month. How can a fella fire a customer in a recession? What leads a man to such a drastic action? About a month ago I landed a small project with a company that had a […]

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