The Hero You Never Heard About

Do you wonder why there are so few surviving buildings of earlier times? We’ve been living and working in buildings for thousands of years. Yet very few early structures survive. Aside from boredom with style and pressures of economy–both leading to demolition, the greatest enemies of any building are fire and water. Had you thought […]

Just Call Me Cupid

Great Scott! Not another vehicle! Bright and early on Valentine’s Day, I got a panicked call that a car had been driven into III Forks Steakhouse the night before. That’s a location we service regularly. When I arrived on site fifteen minutes later, I found a pulverized front wall, a double front door smashed through, and […]

A Bad Review, a Chat, and a Good Deed

We got a bad review on line. I sat the tech down to discuss it. The customer was a touch unreasonable, but we also made a mistake, which is what sent her over the edge. So she retaliated with the review so no other single women would fall prey. It hurt. We discussed the case. […]

Species: Westlakeosaurus

Every prospect gets the same question: How did you know to call us? Phone book, Mike said. You mean the on-line yellow pages, I asked? No, he said, the yellow pages. Oh. The paper ones, like the book? Yeah, you know, the yellow pages. Fingers walking and all that. We discussed the work. He quickly […]


The technician arrived at the service call ten minutes early for the 9 AM appointment. He rang the bell. No answer. He went back to his truck to wait, and saw someone peak through the blinds. He called the customer, who answered, and said he needed 15 more minutes. The technician went to get a […]

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